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HP-335 Wonder Womyn vs The Toymaster


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Description of Wonder Womyn vs The Toymaster:

WW is summoned to check out The Toymaster. To her surprise, she finds a cute, little WW doll. Unfortunately, the Toymaster uses his evil genius to create a virtual WW clone, making minor modifications so he can tell the difference between his diabolical creation, and the real thing!
With orders to destroy WW, the clone sets in to viciously beatdown our gorgeous superheroine. WW begs for mercy, but the evil replica continues to punch, kick, choke and further beatdown her virtual mirror image. WW attempts to fight back, but her counterattacks are thwarted and she constantly finds herself the victim of the warped science experiments brutal assaults.
WW perfectly formed body is the target of countless belly punches as her abs are pulverized by her demented look-a-like. As she is virtually choked senseless, it becomes apparent that WW may have met her match and is in for the fight of her life!!!
As WW weakens from the blows, her adversary resorts to typical "bad guy" tools and uses a little wet cloth to k.o. our beautiful fav. Helpless WW is stripped of her belt.lasso, boots, and powers, rendering her a mere mortal. Her nemesis returns with a club and begins to beat her about the room, showing no mercy as WW cries out in pain. Poor WW gets stretched and contorted and finally choked out. But it doesn't end here as her demented foe awakens her for more punishment which includes claws and chokes that even involve the use of her magic lasso. The cloth then returns!
WW reels in pain as she is once again awoken by double hammer fists driven deep into her midsection. As the beatdown continues, WW is reduced to a mere ragdoll as she is pummeled about. Now The Toymaster displays WW and demands that his demands are met by the Commissioner. In the event that those demands are not met, WW will endure another beating until she is no more!!!
Being the typical low-life villain, The Toymaster sends in his deviant creation to begin this process immediately, even though the Commissioner has had no time to respond. WW is beat senseless, then her evil twin begins to choke the life right out of her. WW begs the Toymaster to stop his agent of death, but her pleads go unanswered.
Does WW survive??? Or does she know something her clone does not??? What will happen to our sexy superheroine??? Get this exciting video and find out!!!!! 




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