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HP-727 Super Gyrl in "Lab Mix Up"




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TITLE: Lab Mix Up Complete COST: 15 TOKENS 13:27 Minutes

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Description of HP-727:

Super Gyrl (played by Hollywood) gets a mysterious call about tests at a secret Star Labs location.  What she doesn't know is its really a secure Lex Labs facility, and she walks right into a trap.  Lex Luthor has a very capable lab tech (played by Skylar Raine) waiting for Supergyrl, with a nasty surprise.  Armed with kryptonite, a Knock out drug, and bad intentions  this lab tech turns Supergyrl into a lab mouse for Lex....
Can the Maiden of Might turn the tables on the tech so she can go after Lex next?  Get this very hot video to find out!


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