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hhhhHP-896 Life is But a Dream



TITLE: Life is But a Dream Part 1 COST: $9 ~ 9.5 MINUTES

TITLE: Life is But a Dream Part 2 COST: $9 ~ 9.5 MINUTES

TITLE: Life is But a Dream Complete COST: 18 TOKENS ~ 18:21 MINUTES




Description of HP-896:

Wonder Womyn bursts into the room wearing her 2 piece bikini and carrying her belt and lasso. She is acting like she is running from someone. As she looks around the room she discovers some strange equipment. As she is examining a bondage type table she hears gas and is rendered unconscious. She awakens strapped to the table and begins to struggle violently to get free. As she struggles, she again hears the gas and awakens tied to a wooden wall frame. Wonder Womyn again struggles to break free from her bonds. After another round of gas Wonder Womyn awakens wrapped in a black bag with leather straps. After struggling to the point of exhaustion, Wonder Womyn is again rendered unconscious by the gas and awakens wrapped in a pink material. She finally gets to see one of her captors as his hand tickles her with an electric toothbrush. Does Wonder Womyn escape to fight another day or was it all "just a dream"?




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