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HP-434 "Prize For The Collector"

Wonder Womyn vs The Henchwoman

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Description of "or The Collector ":

Wonder Womyn is relaxing after a tough day of fighting crime. She is
reading a Wonder Womyn comic book as she lies on her sofa. A stranger
enters and Wonder Womyn demands to know who she is and what she wants. The
mysterious girl (Kristiana looking hot in a black mini dress) replies, "I
am The Henchwoman, I work for The Collector and I am here to collect you."
Wonder Womyn tells her to get lost but when she turns away, The Henchwoman
produces a magic cloth and knocks Wonder Womyn out. She then removes Wonder
Womyn's boots and takes them away. In her absence, Wonder Womyn regains
consciousness just as The Henchwoman returns. With a stomp on the slowly
awakening Wonder Womyn's stomach, the fight begins. Without her boots
Wonder Womyn loses a little strength and The Henchwoman is very strong so
the fight goes back and forth. Gorgeous bodies are thrown against walls,
put in scissor holds, and punched to no end. But neither girl is able to
take control. Each time Wonder Womyn has the advantage she tries to get The
Henchwoman to talk but can't. Twice The Henchwoman goes for the magic cloth
but Wonder Womyn is able to avoid it. Finally on the third attempt, The
Henchwoman is able to knock Wonder Womyn out. The Henchwoman removes Wonder
Womyn's belt and magic lasso saying, "This will make a great prize for The
" as she leaves the room. Now Wonder Womyn is really hurting. The
Henchwoman returns and sits on the helpless super heroine raining punches
on her gorgeous body. Wonder Womyn begs for her belt but her pleas fall on
death ears as the Henchwoman continues her beat down of our favorite super
. Wonder Womyn fights back as best she can without her belt BUT will
her efforts be enough? Will she be able to regain her belt in time? Or will
she become the "Ultimate Prize" that The Collector is looking for and sent
his Henchwoman to obtain? On the side, Wonder Womyn is wearing a new
costume consisting of a super tight form fitting bustier which really
highlights her natural assets. It is worth the price of this video just to
see her maneuver around in it.

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