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HP-428 Wonder Womyn vs Ninja Assassin

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Description of Wonder Womyn vs Ninja Assassin:

The Ninja Assassin has set a trap for our beautiful heroine. Wonder Womyn
cautiously approaches the house. Despite carefully entering the house, the
Ninja is still able to surprise her with a quick karate chop, sending her
to floor, putting her on the defensive right from the start. She struggles
valiantly to fight back. She does manage to recover enough to put up quite
a fight. And what a battle it is. Each side getting the upper hand only to
quickly lose it. There are body punches, choke holds, head punches, arm
bars and arm stretches. Eventually, the Ninja's initial advantage proves
too much for Wonder Womyn. He is able to wear her down with more body
punches, and even is able to place her in a camel clutch. As Wonder Womyn
weakens, she is placed in a sleeper hold. As she  reaches for her lasso,
the Ninja realizes he can use the lasso to determine the source of Wonder
Womyn's powers. Under the spell of the Magic Lasso, Wonder Womyn admits the
source of her power is her belt. With that, the Ninja lets Wonder Womyn
slip into unconsciousness.  Then he quickly removes her belt. He brings her
back to life with a vicious foot stomp. The Ninja sadistically continues to
torture Wonder Womyn, mercifully knocking her out with a powerful leg
scissors. This time he removes her bracelets and boots, just to make sure
she is helpless. He starts to leave with his "prizes" when he has second
thoughts and decides to return to make sure Wonder Womyn is truly
"helpless". What happens next is a total beat down of our favorite heroine.
Without her belt she is powerless to defend herself. You really have to see
this to believe it. How much punishment can this perfect body take? He
works on her legs, arms, stomach, every inch of her magnificent body.
Several times he says he is going to kill her. At one point she even begs
him to just end it she is in so much pain.  He uses body and head punches,
choke holds, slams her into the wall, then throwing her over the furniture
like a rag doll. He puts her in a fireman's carry to use to slam her head
against the wall. Every time she gets close to passing out, he sadistically
brings her out of it. Eventually the ninja throws her against the wall and
then knocks her out with a karate kick to the head. She tumbles to the
floor, out cold. The Ninja ties her up and carries her out to his car. He
then drives her to a railroad crossing. He wakes her up to tell her she has
13 minutes to live. Then he knocks her out again and removes her from the
car. Next we see our heroine laying across the tracks, struggling to get
away as the sounds of a train are heard. Is this the end? This is a
terrific video. Wonder Womyn takes a beating as only Hollywood can!!!!!

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