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HP-729 Wonder Womyn Undercover




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TITLE: Wonder Womyn Undercover Complete COST: 15 TOKENS

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Description of HP-729:

This video starts with wonder womyn who has received a call from the commissioner, warning her of a villain who is kidnapping and selling schoolgirls to the blackmarket! She is to be dressed "undercover" in her own schoolgirl outfit.
Our lovely superheroine is wearing a very short blue skirt, tight black shirt with white undergarments and black high boots. She also has a black mask that protects her from any tainted materials coming near her face.
She slowly walks through the perpetrators backyard, walking up his stairs not noticing the villain is right behind her taking up skirt pictures. She walks into the house unaware that she has been followed and is attacked by the masked man! a fierce fight begins, WW has the upper hand but then suddenly gets hit with belly punches and then chloroform...with just enough to make her woozy, 
wonder Womyn  is weakened enough to allow the thug to put her lasso around her. He wants to know what the source of her power is... She replies "my magic belt"
the thug removes the cloth... He asks
will this chloroform keep you unconscious?
WW replies no... my mask... protects me...
not for a long he replies.... he removes her mask between doses of chloro, ww tries to catch fresh air and fights to keep the mask on. But it is too much for her
She is finally out, the villian calls up the Sultan and demands his money for bringing in the Super heroine, he picks her up and carries her out!! If you are a fan of superheroines getting knocked out this way then get this very sexy video now!!!


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