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HP-685 Wonder Womyn in "The French Connection "




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Description of HP-685:

Wonder Womyn receives a telephone call from the Commissioner stating a girl is in trouble, a sexy French girl played by Mutiny. Hollywood is wearing a two piece outfit with the usual Wonder Womyn additions (belt and bands). Mutiny is wearing a black bikini top, black skirt and black boots. When Wonder Womyn arrives, Mutiny is speaking quickly in French, totally foreign to our favorite Super heroine. When Wonder Womyn turns seeking a French dictionary, Mutiny clobbers her with the butt of her gun. After putting the gun belt on, she removes Wonder Womyn’s belt, arm and head bands. Wonder Womyn revives while Mutiny is removing her boots, but without her belt, is at the mercy of the gorgeous French girl. When Wonder Womyn attempts to run away, Mutiny shoots her (without the arm bands, Wonder Womyn can't deflect the bullets). Mutiny finds this great fun. She continues to revive Wonder Womyn taunting her (in her sexy French accent) into running, then she shoots her. Wonder Womyn tries to escape through the woods even running up the stairs to someone's back porch, but Mutiny just laughs and fires away. Finally, Wonder Womyn is able to grab the gun. Now, two gorgeous girls are locked in mortal combat. Their tight abs stretched out as they reach high in the sky, fighting over the gun. But who will win? Without her belt and arm bands, Wonder Womyn can be destroyed. But to Mutiny, this is just a game. Of course, no one takes a bullet like Hollywood.


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