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HP-616 The Wonder Womyn in "Unexpected Visitor "




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TITLE: The Wonder Womyn in "Unexpected Visitor" Complete COST: 15 TOKENS

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Description of HP-616:

Returning from yet another grueling (yet rewarding) day meting out justice, Wonder Womyn (Hollywood) embraces the quiet comforts of hearth and home. But, Wonder Womyn’s safe-haven proves to be the opening act for a heinous heist, as a scheming sneakthief TomiKat (Tomiko) has slinked onto the premises with singular, sinister purpose: to steal away with the wearisome warrior’s wondrous wares! Fearful to awaken the Amazing Amazon (and her ire) from her catnap, the cunning cat burglar has come armed to square the odds — a kerchief doused with enough intoxicating brew to keep the pulchritudinous powerhouse under wraps! Or, so she thinks! The tenacious thief failed to take into account Wonder Womyn’s enduring constitution, for with each article retrieved from the Amazon’s sleeping form only stirs our exhausted heroine from her brief repose, forcing the pernicious pilferer to send her dazed quarry back to slumberland. But, can the beauteous bandit keep the Maiden of Might at bay long and often enough to do her devious deeds, or must the claws (and ropes) come out to finish the job, once and for all? Sleep tight, Wonder Womyn!


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