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HP-086 Wonder Womyn vs Nasty Ninja

Re-edited with enhanced sound & effects!

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Description of Wonder Womyn vs Nasty Ninja:

Hollywood again plays the role of Wonder Woman. The Commissioner calls her to let her know that the villain Masked Ninja is in town, and it is only seconds later when he shows up to confront the lovely Wonder Woman!.

A wild battle then takes place, and both combatants rely on pro holds to fend off the other. Both are equally strong, which makes for a very close battle. Wonder Womyn is athletic with her perfectly formed hot body, and the Nasty Ninja relies on just plain bulk power.Both combatants end up being on the giving and receiving end of extreme punishment. 

The battle remains close, until Wonder Woman is stripped of her belt, which holds the source to her powers. This leaves the ravishing beauty helpless and she ends up bound by her own bootstrings! She tries over and over to regain her belt, but the Nasty Ninja is determined to bring an end to Wonder Womyn and he does everything is his power to prevent her from recovering her belt, and thus her superpowers. This match has it all, Camel clutches, back breakers, body slams, sleepers, Belly punches, face and stomach rakes. You name it, they do it in this action packed video!






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