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HP-639 Wonder Womyn in "Perfect Prey"




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TITLE: Wonder Womyn in "Perfect Prey" Complete COST: 15 TOKENS

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Description of HP-639:

When an ancient stone tablet goes missing, Wonder Womyn (Hollywood) is tasked to uncover the culprit and recover the relic. Finding the artifact is (almost) too easy, but escaping the clutches of the marauding menace proves far more difficult: a challenge made laborious by a noxious dousing of a sleeping agent, and the removal of the Mighty Maiden’s Belt of Strength (and boots, t’boot). Trussed up, vulnerable, and utterly humiliated, our dazed heroine is helpless to resist her cloaked tormentor’s devastating physical assault and can only suffer through the indignity — and suffer she does at the hands of this fiend’s brutal barrage of chokes, belly punches, and debilitating nerve pinches! Defiance or Defeat? With the temptation of all-consuming darkness promising an end to her anguish, what choice does she truly have?


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