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Description of Wonder Womyn in "Kidnapped":

Wonder Womyn is surprised by a masked henchman with devious intentions of kidnapping the superheroine. He attacks with vigor, however our gorgeous and glamorous good girl is no pushover, and the evil henchman finds himself to be the target of a well formulated counter attack.

But typical of one that has given way to the darker side of the coin, the henchman resorts to his own chemical enhancement, or rather, his own chemical "superpower" and soon the vivacious vixen we all love is reeling in near inconsciousness and ultimately lapses into never-never land. Then, the preposterous, perverted, pre-pubertal...well, maybe not... bad guy begins his maniacal assault of our beautiful battling babe. Wonder Womyn now fights ofr her life as the evil henchman repeatedly k.o.s her, and revealing his ulterior motive to displace her location (i.e. kidnap her), the boisterous bad guy delivers a long and calculated beatdown of humongous magnitude!!!

Watch this one and cross your fingers and let's just hope that our fav Wonder Womyn can weather the storm and return the advantage to the Good Guys!!!




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