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Wonder Womyn vs The Masked Man Part 2

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Video is approx. 18 minutes long , and is 20 tokens.

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Description of Wonder Womyn vs The Masked Man Part 2:

Wonder Womyn is undercover disguised as a sexy reporter, Miss Prince, and is meeting with The Masked Man for an interview. The Masked Man has been released from prison on good behavior, and says he has gone clean and wants to help the superheroine that he feels put him on the right track by sending him to be refomed.
Miss Prince starts to interview him, and asks him what kind of information he has, and in what way he could prove beneficial to Wonder Womyn's fight against crime.His reply:" It is for Wonder Womyn to hear, not you!" When he excuses himself to make a phone call, Miss Prince quickly grabs her cell and calls the commissioner to let him know she thinks she may be KO'd by the villian and abducted, and that she is unsuseptible to his plotting, and she will play along with his game so she can find out if this leads her to leader of this gang. The Masked Man comes back and does indeed pull out his Magic cloth and almost puts Miss Prince out. He notices her magic lasso sticking out of her blouse, removes her top layer of clothes, only to realize he has Wonder Womyn!!!
Wonder Womyn wakes up and struggles to get free from the ropes, but The Masked Man comes in and they have a back and forth beatdown. A fierce battle ensues, as The powerful Masked Man proposes quite the challenge to Wonder Womyn while she is stripped of her super powers. It appears that Wonder Womyn may be gaining ground, but her counter is thwarted when The Masked Man clamps a tight sleeperhold onto our gorgeous superheroine. The video ends as The Masked Man lifts and carries a limp and lifeless Wonder Womyn away in his arms. Is this the end? Is there a Part Three? What becomes of our Wonder Womyn?




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