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HP-285 Wonder Womyn vs The Sleeper

"Song of The Angel"


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Description of Wonder Womyn vs The Sleeper "Song of The Angel":

The third installment of the wildly successful Wonder Womyn vs. The Sleeper opens with the unthinkable.  The mighty Wonder Womyn wrapped helplessly in a sheet with a gas mask attached to her face.  By her side is a bag with her boots, belt and lasso along with a videotape documenting Wonder Womyn’s crushing defeat at the hands of the Sleeper.
We are then introduced to the brains behind the entire operation, the Angel of Death.  The nefarious villainess who has repeatedly tried and failed to have the powerful heroine taken out… until now.
Unwrapping her “package” with delight, the Angel of Death marvels at the site of the fallen heroine and eagerly looks forward to watching the videotape.
Now that the fun & games are done with, the Angel of Death gets down to the final order of business, the destruction of the legendary Wonder Womyn.   Belt less and tied to a chair with her magic lasso of truth, Wonder Womyn is forced to reveal that the only way to destroy her is to beat her up so badly to the point where her recuperative powers can no longer keep up with the pace.  Once this has been achieved, a knife or a gun can finish the job.  The gleeful and giddy Angel of Death clunks her on the head, knocks her out and decides to call in for help.
Enter the Sleeper, the vicious villain who was finally able to do what seemed to be the impossible- take out Wonder Womyn.  Together with the Angel of Death they proceed to administer a massive beat down to the helpless heroine.
They play “punch ping-pong” with Wonder Womyn, with each woman punching the heroine across the room to the awaiting fist of her partner.  They take turns holding Wonder Womyn’s arms behind her back and pounding her with punches to the face and body.
They continue and take turns knocking out the legendary heroine with sleeper holds and brain busters and an atmosphere of competition develops as each woman tries to outdo the other.
The relentless double pounding continues to the point where Wonder Womyn has been thoroughly and utterly defeated.  There was nothing standing in the way of her ultimate demise.  Is this the end of the legend?  The fall of the mighty?  Can the two evil villainesses suppress their competitive natures long enough to finish the job???
Don’t miss the dramatic conclusion to the incredible Sleeper trilogy.




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