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HP-694 Slave Wonder Womyn - Escape is Impossible



TITLE: Slave Wonder Womyn - Escape is Impossible Complete Video COST: $13 ~ 13 MINUTES




Description of HP-694:

Six weeks have passed since Wonder Womyn was sold to the HardMaster. While she is becoming an obedient slave, she still longs to escape and return to her crime fighting ways. She only needs to find the right opportunity to flee... the HardMaster is sleeping, Wonder Womyn wakes up and tries to leave quietly when she is suddenly surprised and hypnotized by a giant venomous spider... In her trance she wakes her master and tells him she has been bad and tried to escape , and that she should be punished ! He demands she assume the Slave position. She replies "Yes Master"  and kneels in front of him. Hard Master gives Wonder Womyn a beat down and KOs her. He wakes her back up and continues the punishment, followed by another knockout. This goes on a few times. He tells her that her costume is no longer befitting and throws her a smaller out fit...she returns in a 2 piece bikini to start doing her slave duties, when hard master returns and demands she return to the slave position , the villain puts an obedience collar on the sexy SuperHeroine , and says if she disobeys him it will strangle her. He now tests Wonder Womyn to make sure the collar is working properly...making the superheroine do things she would never allow. Get this hot video now!!



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