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HP-041 Wonder Womyn vs The Master Ninja

Re-edited with enhanced sound & effects!

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Description of Wonder Womyn vs The Master Ninja:

Returning home from a casual outing, Wonder Womyn, guised in her public persona as “Hollywood”, discovers her door ajar, evidence of a trespass. Warily, she enters, scanning about the premises searching for clues to the potential intruder — who abides her curiosity by suddenly manifesting, literally, out of nowhere, and assaulting her! Bewildered and beset upon, our heroine barely has time to defend herself from the mysterious adversary’s unorthodox martial barrage before she’s beaten into submission. Slowly, painfully regaining consciousness for what seems an eternity later, she’s determined to ferret out the nemesis and mete out her own brand of justice — as Wonder Womyn! Again, the shadowy scoundrel accommodates her, confronting the female fury out in the open, face-to-face, with diabolical intent. The Master Ninja has a singular purpose; to do what his ‘former’ disciple, Nasty Ninja, failed to accomplish: execute Wonder Womyn — with extreme prejudice! Easier said than done, as the enraged Amazon doesn’t take lightly to threats, and answers with a flurry of fisticuffs and unrepentant rage! Even ill-prepared for this fearsome foe’s terrible tactics and brute strength, Wonder Womyn manages to retain the upper-hand, and as the battle ensues, it’s evident that the malevolent martial artist may have met his match. But, Master Ninja has one sadistic surprise remaining up his sleeve: a deceptive dousing of ‘Phoenix Dust’, a debilitating powder that drops our Herculean heroine to her knees! Now dazed and completely vulnerable, can Wonder Womyn hope to long endure and escape Master Ninja’s wretched whims, or fall victim to the lethal enforcer’s vengeful wrath? The ending will electrify you!


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