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HP-242 Wonder Womyn vs The Executioner


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Description of: Wonder Womyn vs The Executioner

Arriving home after another long day of saving the world and beating down the bad guys, our gorgeous superheroine is looking forward to relaxing and regaining her strength and vitality. She begins her relaxation routine, but is horrified to find that her kitchen contains a pest who is a real threat: The Executioner, (played by Coral ) surprises WW with a vicious attack.

The Executioner has done her homework and knows that by removing WW's belt, she strips her of her super powers. The first attack rips the belt from Wonder Womyn's body, which immediately puts our superheroine at the mercy of her attacker. The Executioner spares nothing in her vicious attack. Walls, fists, the door to the freezer, kitchen spoons, and whips all are used to hurt and disable WW. Wonder Womyn is beaten from one end of her kitchen to the other. Without her belt, she is helpless in the face of this determined attacker. But this villainess is not like your normal evildoer. She is out to severely abuse and torment WW. After beating WW to a whimper mass, The Executioner breaks out the magic cloth and applies it our superheroine, rendering her completely helpless.

When Wonder Womyn awakes from her nap she finds herself bound and at the complete mercy of The Executioner. WW finds out that The Executioner is out to avenge her friends for their past defeats at the hands of WW. The Executioner is not here just to beat WW, she is here to completely torment and humiliate her. With a helpless WW she begins her ministrations of pain.

With a bit more torment the cloth is brought back out and WW is off to take another early nap.

When WW comes to she tries to free herself from the vile ending that The Executioner has planned for her. Fighting for all her worth, she tries to escape certain death, but in her weakened state she is no match for the power of this demented villainess. But even The Executioner's death traps are designed to torment her victim. She is like a cat playing with her cornered mouse.
Will The Executioner grow tired of playing with her helpless victim? Will she decide that enough is enough and its time to live up to her name? Is this the end of Wonder Womyn?


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