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hhhhHP-772 Wonder Womyn vs Razor




TITLE: Wonder Womyn vs Razor Complete COST: $15 ~ 15 MINUTES





Description of HP-772:

Villain "Razor" is hired by the mob. He sneaks into a warehouse looking for a flash drive that was stolen from Wonder Womyn he hides waiting for her to come home. The superheroine enters wearing a very short dress and thigh high black boots, she is incognito and doesn't want anyone to know who she is , she enters talking to the commissioner about the flash drive that she nabbed from the mob, tells the commissioner she is incognito and she will be fine. Suddenly the perpetrator confronts our superheroine and makes sure she spins into her sexy two-piece Wonder Womyn outfit! Wonder Womyn takes off her lasso quickly and wants to erase the villains memory. Somehow the villain got Wonder Womyn's flash drive when she went into her spin. The Villain demands Wonder Womyn surrender!
He pats her down, but while doing so he takes out a tainted cloth and ko's  her out. When Wonder Womyn wakes up her and the villain go head to head with punches kicks and throws. Giving everything they've got!
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