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hhhhHP-758 Slave Wonder Womyn: Interrogated




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TITLE: Slave Wonder Womyn: Interrogated Complete COST: 15 TOKENS 14:59 MINUTES

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Description of HP-758:

In the months that Wonder Womyn has been under his control, the Sheik has become obsessed with finding the location of Paradise Island so that he can enslave all of Wonder Womyn's sisters.  She has be reluctant to reveal the location of the island so the Sheik has called in a Special Agent to interrogate Wonder Womyn further.  He begins by asking her about Paradise Island's location while she is wearing her lasso, but she only reveals that she must be "broken" in order to reveal the location.  The Special Agent delivers a sound beating to Wonder Womyn but she still refuses to reveal the location of Paradise Island.  The Special Agent finally decides to torture Wonder Womyn with electric shock therapy to try and entice the location of Paradise Island out of her.  Is he successful?  Or will Wonder Womyn resist his attempts?  Get this HOT video to find out!!!!  (Note: this video was shot dark to appear as if it takes place in a dungeon location.)



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