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HP-726 Slave: Evil Wonder Womyn - Mission 1




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TITLE: Mission 1 Complete COST: 15 TOKENS 10:28 Minutes

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Description of HP-726:

Evil WW has been sent by the Sheik to take out Goldie Loxx under the guise that she is to be hired as a new slave.  Evil WW enters wearing her hot animal print slave bikini.  Goldie Loxx is wearing a blue and white striped bikini.  The 2 ladies engage in small talk.  Evil WW then attacks Goldie Loxx and spins into her Evil WW costume.  Evil WW then proceeds to give Goldie a beatdown that only a superheroine turned evil can give!  Once Evil WW is sure that she has taken care of her mission, she stops to call the Sheik to report her success.  Unbeknownst to Evil WW Goldie Loxx begins to stir in the background.  How does this end???  By this HOT video to find out!!


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