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HP-471 Wonder Womyn in "False Hostage"

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Description of Wonder Womyn in "False Hostage ":

Wonder Womyn is called to a location to rescue a kidnapped woman played by Liz Lightning. She arrives and discovers the tied up woman. The woman pleads for Wonder Womyn to rescue her. Once Wonder Womyn has untied the woman and they get up to leave together, the woman secretly produces a tainted cloth, smothering Wonder Womyn from behind. Wonder Womyn struggles but is knocked out. The woman tells the sleeping Wonder Womyn that she's in fact a white slaver who has a client who wants Wonder Womyn, and she set this whole thing up to capture her.

The woman then makes Wonder Womyn powerless by removing her belt, lasso and boots. The woman then ties up Wonder Womyn and leaves her in order to go get a special ko mask that will keep Wonder Womyn helpless. While the woman is gone, Wonder Womyn wakes up and gets free. The woman returns and has a big fight w/ Wonder Womyn. A Back and forth battle begins! Belly Punching, kicks punches, scissors and bear hugs. Which one of these ladies will prevail? get this hot video and see!!!

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