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HP-417 Wonder Womyn vs Ordinary Woman Part 2

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Description of Wonder Womyn vs Ordinary Woman Part 2:

Wonder Womyn met ordinary woman, actually Sexy Stacy, earlier in an
apartment house catfight (HP-396). As usual, this new video begins with a
call from the Commissioner informing Wonder Womyn that "ordinary woman" was
telling everyone how she defeated Wonder Womyn. Wonder Womyn denies it. Stacy (truly sexy in her tight hot pants) was listening in and says sure
she is telling everyone she beat Wonder Womyn because it is true.  Wonder
Womyn vehemently denies that an "ordinary women" could ever defeat the
mighty Wonder Womyn. After a heated discussion Wonder Womyn challenges
Stacy to a rematch "right now". To make the match "interesting" Wonder
Womyn suggests that the loser has to be a "slave" to the winner. Wonder
Womyn stating that she needs a "maid" to clean her house. Stacy decides
when she wins she wants Wonder Womyn's belt, boots and bracelets. Both
contestants eagerly accept the challenges and a test of strength begins the
battle. It turns into an all out war between two very beautiful women. Even
though she billed herself as "ordinary women" Sexy Stacy is no novice when
it comes to wrestling. As a result, the match starts out pretty even. Each
girl dominates for very short periods of time as many wrestling holds are
used i.e.; body punches, various choke holds, leg scissors, surf boards,
etc. Gorgeous bodies being thrown against the wall, punched endlessly,
fighting over furniture. At one point it appears Wonder Womyn has Stacy
down but a vicious kick starts the battle back up. Wonder Womyn uses her
magic lasso to choke Stacy but that doesn't even slow "ordinary woman"
down. The verbal taunting throughout the match is worth buying this video
for alone!! Finally Wonder Womyn appears to be tiring. Stacy is able
to maneuver her into a figure four choke hold. Has an "ordinary woman"
defeated our gorgeous superheroine? Will Wonder Womyn dig down deep inside
herself and get out of this predicament or has she met her match? Will she
lose her belt or gain a maid?



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