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HP-577 Wonder Womyn vs The Dream Weaver

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Description of HP-577 Wonder Womyn vs The Dream Weaver:

Having averted a crisis, Wonder Womyn — in her mild-mannered public persona as “Hollywood” — returns home for some much needed R&R. As our weary heroine settles in for some shuteye, she casually drifts away into a deep and welcoming slumber. But, her repose turns restless, as she’s rudely aroused (in full costumed regalia) by a nocturnal intruder — The Dream Weaver! This fiendish phantasm is looking to become WW’s worst nightmare, but all she sees is his delusions of grandeur! However, our Amazing Amazon quickly learns the deadly truth of his convictions, as the archfiend has lulled her subconscious into his illusionary realm where all her vaunted abilities are futile and ineffective — rendering her virtually powerless, a mere victim to his sadistic whims! Desperate, yet determined, Wonder Womyn struggles to fend off the spectral scourge’s malicious assault, even as she seeks to awaken from this nightmarish prison — but, how can she possibly escape the confines wrought from her own, tormented mind?

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