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HP-559 The Good, The Bad, and The Not So Ugly



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Description of HP-559:

Randy M thinks she has devised a way to stop Wonder Womyn from interfering with her schemes to get rich. She is looking super hot today in a black bikini top, teeny weeny hot denim shorts and black boots. She has on her gun belt with a gun filled with special darts that were made to disable on our favorite super heroine. Randy confidently enters a house to rob and begins to search for hidden loot. Wonder Womyn enters the scene demanding to know what Randy is doing. Randy turns around and shoots Wonder Womyn with the special darts. The first appears to just slow Wonder Womyn down so she shoots again. Now Wonder Womyn is definitely dazed. Randy holsters her gun and wales away gleefully on Wonder Womyn's gorgeous but helpless body. It appears Randy's plan has worked as Wonder Womyn drops to the floor. But when Randy returns to her plundering, the wily Wonder Womyn slowly recovers and sneaks up on the unsuspecting thief and carefully pulls out Randy's gun. When Randy turns around in disbelief, Wonder Womyn shoots her with a dart. Of course, the mere mortal Randy drops straight to the floor, out cold. But Wonder Womyn isn't done. She wakes Randy up and Randy's problems are just beginning. Wonder Womyn tortures the poor bandit with a back breaker, abdominal stretch and camel clutch among other holds. Randy is KO'd several times. It appears this isn't her day. But Randy's gorgeous body looks terrific being tortured by an equally beautiful heroine. Randy's grandiose plans appear to have come to naught.


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