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HP-275 Wonder Womyn in "The Perfect Crime"


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Description of Wonder Womyn in "The Perfect Crime":

   Lurking about outside Wonder Womyn's domain, we find a sexy vixen clad in a black mask and stealthily dressed in a black halter and tight fitting leather pants. She moves about cat-like and finds her way inside. As Wonder Womyn talks on the phone, the evil huntress empties her bag of goodies, which includes questionable substances and a hypodermic needle. As the apparent hired assassin sneaks up on our sexy Wonder Womyn, she readies her chloroform, but underestimates the gorgeous superheroine.
  Wonder Womyn gets the upper hand on the evil intruder and demands her name and purpose, and the black clad henchwoman reveals she has come for the secrets of Wonder Womyn's powers. Our superheroine uses scissors, belly and face punches, and a fast paced beat down as she demands the perpetrator's name. Miss Black, as we shall call her, refuses to divulge her identity. In a split second of an opening, Miss Black grabs her magic cloth and clamps it on a surprised Wonder Womyn luscious mouth. As the deadly chemicals weaken her, Wonder Womyn is rendered into a state of disorientation, and mistakenly reveals the secrets of her powers...her Belt!!! With the cloth clamped over her mouth, Wonder Womyn is sent to dreamland...soon to become a nightmare.
As our gorgeous lass regains her consciousness, she finds herself bound spread-eagled on the floor. To her astonishment, her belt is missing and along with it her superpowers!!! She writhes about crying for out for help and struggles in vain. Miss Black returns and delights in flaunting her new ownership of Wonder Womyn's belt. When the superheroine demands to be let free, Miss black taunts her with a whip, then wickedly beats her about the body, hands, and feet. Immensely enjoying herself, Miss Black now takes the Golden Lasso. Evil reigns as Wonder Womyn is further beaten and when she screams helplessly, the cloth comes out again to silence her.
Miss Black takes a break and returns to kick our poor Wonder Womyn until she awakens. As Wonder Womyn begins to plead with her, the villainess produces a camera and decides to document our gorgeous babes humiliation, and possibly her final moments!!! After satisfying herself with her evil photo session, Miss Black viciously clamps the soaked rag over Wonder Womyns mouth until she stirs no longer.
Next, the maniacal Miss Black pulls out the duct tape and seals the helpless Wonder Womyns lips, so as not to hear her screams for help or mercy, which now fall upon deaf ears. Miss Black's impatience escalates and she hand smothers the restrained superheroine. Wonder Womyn can only feign attempts to get free as she has been dangerously weakened by the chloro, smothering and beating. Miss Black is incensed that Wonder Womyn is awake and she further taunts and whips the weakened babe. The demented foe even drives a spiked heel into Wonder Womyn's hand as she continues her onslaught. Having gone over the edge, Miss Black beats, chokes, and k.o.s a perilous Wonder Womyn to a critical level of unconsciousness.
Wonder Womyn lies helplessly unconscious, stripped of her belt and powers as Miss Black leaves her for the sadistic criminal that arranged this debacle. Will Wonder Womyn awaken and escape her restraints? Will she recover from her deep sedation? Or will the evil-doer responsible for her demise arrive to further torment our sexy superheroine and then finish the job, ridding himself of the gorgeous Wonder Womyn once and for all? Only time will tell us... 




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