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HP-380 The Intruder & The Sentry

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Video is approx. 8 minutes long , 42 MB, and is 15 tokens.

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Description of The Intruder & The Sentry:

This a one sided belly punching video in which Both Hollywood and Francesca take turns playing the Sentry and the intruder . There are 5 different scenes, first off is Hollywood playing the Sentry in a tight Gold lame outfit, guarding her home.
The intruder  played by Francesca sneaks around in Shiny Pink trying to find the lovely Sentry a battle ensues, with stomach punching, Fran eventually KO's Holly.

Next we have Fran playing the Sentry in comes Holly to take control now its her time to turn things around and give fran some payback of her own. Holly Ko's Fran

3rd scene Hollywood is guarding in a lovely Blue out , as Fran dressed in a red and black jumpsuit attacks Holly. The Intruder goes to town on the sentry throwing her all around the room with punches to the stomach and KO's Holly

4th Scene Fran plays the sentry while Holly attacks fran from behind gets her down and starts punching her to no end. Holly KO's Fran

5th Scenes Holly walks in and wakes fran up with a  big stomach punch fran retaliates with punches of her own, they go back and forth punching each other, throwing each other into walls till someone goes out!
watch this video to see who is left standing or not?



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