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hhhhHP-922 Wonder Womyn in Cursed Amulet 2



TITLE: WW in Cursed Amulet 2 Part 1 COST: $7 ~ 6.5 MINUTES

TITLE: WW in Cursed Amulet 2 Part 2 COST: $7 ~ 6.5 MINUTES

TITLE: WW in Cursed Amulet 2 Complete COST: $13 13:00 MINUTES




Description of HP-922:

WW arrives home after a long day of crime fighting and begins to relax by taking off her boots and rubbing her sore feet. She doesn't notice at first, but the "cursed amulet" is sitting on her end table. As she begins to wind down and relax, she finally sees the amulet. As she tries to remember where she saw it last, she is drawn to pick it up and put it on no matter how hard she tries to stop herself. Once the amulet is around her neck, it forces WW to beat herself up! WW is forced to punch herself in the face and stomach, the amulet chokes her as she tries to take it off, and much more... Does WW succeed in escaping the amulet's power?




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