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HP-544 Wonder Womyn in "Revenge"



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Description of HP-544:

Vengeance is a dish best served with a boot to th' head! In the wake of the events that transpired in "Return of Kaine" (HP-534), Wonder Womyn stirs from her recent thrashing at the hands of Nasty Ninja's prodigal malcontent, Kaine, to find remnants of her pilfered costume literally at arm's reach. Elated, yet wary, she quickly dons her accruements, ever-watchful of the malicious martial-arts master's lingering presence. Yet, it's not dread, but retribution that drives our heroine to prowl the premises in search of her abductor. And, it isn't long before Kaine — his disdain no longer masked behind a shroud — returns to the scene of the drubbing, anxious to partake of the spoils of his victory. However, what awaits him is the agony of defeat, courtesy of an Amazon's rage! Like a feral force of nature, the female fury rains an unrelenting hailstorm of body blows, kicks, punches, and debilitating holds upon the bewildered brute! Battered, bruised, but not broken, Kaine yet resists, fending off the ferocious barrage with a furor all his own, battling back against the vengeful tide of violence administered by his Amazonian assailant! With these two unwavering adversaries, the intent is clear, the outcome, uncertain. Only one question remains: Does Wonder Womyn have the strength, stamina, and determination to put an end to the evil-doer's reign of terror once and for all?


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