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HP-615 The Wonder Womyn Experiment




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TITLE: The Wonder Womyn Experiment Complete COST: 15 TOKENS

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Description of HP-615:

This video starts with a masked villian named Tomi Cat Talking to her contacts and making sure all cameras and tainted bottles are in place for the experiment on Wonder Womyn. Wonder Womyn enters a the room acting on a tip looking for a disk, she searches the place and ends up in a corner where she think she finds it when a weapon is put to the back of her head by Tomi Cat , Played by the sexy Tomiko. The villain forces wonder womyn to drink some tainted liquid out of a bottle telling her "drink it all or she'll shoot." wonder womyn drinks it and feels nothing and tells the villain " it didn't work…" Only just then it starts too....they go into a fight sequence but clearly it's weakening wonder womyn and Tomi cat KOs her! Tomiko calls her contacts and lets them know the trial phase has begun and that she has more potent doses ready. Several hours have gone by and wonder womyn is just starting to stir. The villain mocks her then a second fight sequence begins.. Severe Punches are Administered to our Superheroine, But Wonder Womyn gets in a couple of good shots! The villain controls and gives a powerful blow to Wonder Womyn's jaw. The villain grabs the second tainted bottle and forces wonder womyn to drink it! wonder woman goes out again, Tomi cat drags WW to put her in better view for her contacts to inspect. Tomi Cat laughs and is mocking wonder Womyns "great power" she removes wonder woman's accessories and puts them in a bag, With no accessories and weekend from the drug she is easy pickings in the third fight sequence. the villain dominates a helpless wonder womyn for several minutes And delivers a KO blow only to wake her up and force another bottle of liquid down wonder Womyns throat. As wonder woman struggles and goes out the villain get some rope ties her hands behind her back and ties her feet telling her she is very lucky that she didn't kill her as she never saw her face ,she removes her mask and looks down on the helpless wonder woman out cold. She calls her accomplice one more time to tell them it's done , that it was easier then she ever thought it would be , laughing at how they defeated wonder womyn. Get this very hot video if you're into one sided beatdowns and dominance !!!


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