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HP-362 The Loss of Liberty

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Description of The Loss of Liberty:

Liberty Belle gets a call from the commissioner and is instructed to retrieve some stolen papers from The Terrorist. She goes to confront The Terrorist, demanding the papers. After The Terrorist refuses, Liberty Belle lets the fists fly and k.o.'s her adversary. As The Terrorist comes to, she demands the papers back and Liberty Belle begins to hammer away again. However, The Terrorist puts up a good fight, only to be k.o.ed again!


Liberty Belle calls the commissioner back and reports that she has secured the papers. Much to her dismay, The Terrorist brings out the hardware. As the two vixens struggle, Liberty Belles voluptuous body is pierced with a syringe. Although Liberty Belle wins the confrontation, she is inadvertently k.o.ed herself as the drug takes effect. Both beauties lie out cold, but the fiendish Terrorist awakens first.


Liberty Belle is awaken by the vicious Terrorist choking her as she drags her to a bench and although Liberty Belle struggles valiantly, she passes out and her sculpted body ends up sprawled about the bench. As Liberty Belle groggily awakens, The Terrorist throws her against the wall and goes to work on her with belly and face punches. Liberty goes down like a lead balloon! Now The Terrorist indulges herself as she begins her promised beatdown of the gorgeous superheroine. The slaughter begins and Liberty Belle reels in pain as she begs for mercy! Punches, knees, camel clutches, chokes, and slams are employed to elicit knockouts. The Terrorist diabolically foot tickles Liberty to wake her up, then grabs an arm bar and drives her fist into Liberty Belles abs.


Liberty Belle gets stretched, pounded, slammed, and abused by the devilish babe. It appears that knocking Liberty Belle out may just be this villain's hobby! Backbreakers, bearhugs, and merciless aggression become the norm. Not to mention k.o. inducing abs stretches. At one point, Liberty Belle tries to catch the supervillain off guard, but winds up bound for anything but glory. In a moment of clarity, the twisted villain returns the papers to a lifeless Liberty Belle, whom she throws over her shoulder, then carries to an unknown destiny!





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