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HP-457 Ring Around The Superheroines

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Description of Ring Around The Superheroines:

This video starts out with Jungle Woman (Hollywood) and Wonder Woman (Goldie) sitting around a conference table at Superheroine Headquarters. Wonder Woman, played by a hot Goldie Blair, is advising Jungle Woman, played by Hollywood looking super sexy in her jungle outfit, this time capping it off with a hot pair of black boots, to be careful because "Dr. Hyptno" is on the loose. Jungle Woman pays no attention to her and continues to open a letter from a fan. In the envelope is a present, a "special" ring. Jungle Woman sees no problem in putting the ring on and leaves the room to take a nap. But the ring is dangerous. Later Jungle Woman wakes up in a trance saying "must rob National Bank" and exits the apartment. Later she returns with a bag of money. The next night she wakes up again in a trance and leaves to deliver the money. When Wonder Woman tries to stop her, a quick judo chop knocks out the gorgeous superheroine. When Jungle Woman returns later, she finds Wonder Woman still out and revives her. When Wonder Woman accuses Jungle Woman of hitting her, Jungle Woman remembers nothing and walks away. When Wonder Woman tries the ring on, she falls into a trance and leaves the apartment saying "must destroy headquarters." Next we find the devious Jungle Woman placing a mysterious ring on Wonder Woman's finger. They both leave in a trance. Later, when Wonder Woman finds a bag with gold bars in the apartment, all hell breaks loose, as accusations fly. Neither superheroine remembers seeing the bag before. They begin punching each other. This leads to arm bars, leg scissors, choke holds and more. Both girls have trouble keeping their ample bosoms in their superheroine costumes, but they do. The struggle goes back and forth. Who will win? An epic struggle between two gorgeous ladies! It must be seen to be believed.

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