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hhhhHP-947 Wonder Womyn in "The Search"



TITLE: Wonder Womyn in "The Search" Part 1 COST: $10 ~ 10 MINUTES

TITLE: Wonder Womyn in "The Search" Part 2 COST: $10 ~ 10 MINUTES

TITLE: Wonder Womyn in "The Search" Full Video COST: $20 ~ 20 MINUTES




Description of HP-947:

A gorgeous bikini model is dolling herself up for a Pool Party, well aware that Wonder Womyn is being held captive on the premises. She hopes to get some intel from the various attendees at the Pool Party. Satisfied she is ready to rock, she departs for the Pool Party. Next we see the door slowly open, only to find the poor lass carried over the shoulder of the dastardly Villain! He toss the unconscious hottie onto the bed. She is out cold (the camera pans her sexy lines!). The Villain leaves her with a warning: Quit asking about Wonder Womyn!

The sexy lady comes to and once again pursues the whereabouts of our favorite Superheroine! However, she is soon returned to the room, unconscious, and laid out in all her glory. The Villain finds the occasion to explore her gorgeous body with his hands, very contempt with his handiwork, and once again warning her not to ask about Wonder Womyn! Eventually, he puts the babe in restraints, and leaves her KOed and helpless in the bathroom...

Now we see Wonder Womyn enter the room. She is searching for the girl that previously rescued her. Suddenly, Wonder Womyn is ambushed by the Villain! Now Wonder Womyn is getting a beatdown from the nasty Villain, her sexy body pummeled with his relentless strikes. The Villain is destroying Wonder Womyn! But the opportunity comes and our gorgeous Superheroine gets the upperhand! She demands the whereabouts of her friend, and beats it out of the evil Villain. But as Wonder Womyn attempts to leave, she gets bonked on the head and falls victim to the Villain. What dastardly plans does he have in store for her???


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