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hhhhHP-763 Wonder Womyn vs Miss Venom



TITLE: Wonder Womyn vs Miss Venom Part 1 COST: $6 ~ 6 MINUTES

TITLE: Wonder Womyn vs Miss Venom Part 2 COST: $6 ~ 6 MINUTES

TITLE: Wonder Womyn vs Miss Venom Complete Video COST: $12 ~ 12 MINUTES




Description of HP-763:

Wonder Womyn tracks the evil former Doctor Miss Venom (Skylar Raine) to her house but Miss Venom sneaks up behind her and injects her with poison. Wonder Womyn, weakened and dazed by the poison, is able to wrap Miss Venom around her lasso of truth and commands her to turn into a good doctor again. Miss Venom is now the good doctor she once was and thanks to Wonder Womym.
Unfortunately, the poison finally takes its toll on the fatigued Wonder Womyn and she passes out on the floor. Miss Venom, shocked at what she has done to the heroine, tries to wake her up but Wonder Womyn doesn't respond. Her pulse is weak but Miss Venom is determined to heal her as she has the antidote. Miss Venom takes Wonder Womyn to her room, lays her out on her bed, and injects her with the antidote. Thirty minutes later, Miss Venom notices that Wonder Womyn's pulse is strong and healthy. It must be her amazon strength that is helping the antidote to throw off the poison more efficiently. Wonder Womyn is still unconscious on the bed but should be coming to soon. Until then, Miss Venom watches over her, monitors her pulse, and moistens her chest and shoulders with a moist towel to soothe her as Wonder Womyn continues to sleep off more of the poison. This segment lasts a while as we see Wonder Womyn show slight movement and stronger breathing throughout her unconsciousness as Miss Venom tends to her. Wonder Womyn eventually comes to and after Miss Venom explains what happened, the two women thank each other for saving the other. However, Wonder Womyn stumbles as she tries to leave and Miss Venom advises her to get more sleep as the poison was strong. Wonder Womyn complies, reclines back on to the bed, and quickly falls asleep. Miss Venom kisses her goodnight and leaves her to rest.



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