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HP-346 Wonder Womyn vs The Phony Photographer

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Description of Wonder Womyn vs The Phony Photographer:

Wonder Womyn is contacted by telephone and agrees to participate in a photo shoot as she has been chosen to be on the cover of Super heroine Magazine. She arrives at the studio and is greeted by a courteous photographer as he congratulates her on her selection as the cover model. The photo shoot begins innocuously as Wonder Womyn provides the mag with many sexy poses. After getting her comfortable, the photographer requests that Wonder Womyn remove her boots, and he takes various pics of her. The shoot continues and Wonder Womyn one at a time also sheds her belt and magic lasso. It is obvious that Wonder Womyn has no concern regarding the loss of her superpowers as she is merely being photographed. The shoot ends and the photographer bids our sexy super heroine farewell.


But suddenly, The Phony Photographer's disposition turns dark as he clamps his own "magic cloth" over  a surprised Wonder Womyn's mouth! Wonder Womyn struggles, but it is too late and she falls victim to the dastardly villains clutches. Wonder Womyn is bound to a chair as the Phony photographs her. When she awakens, words are exchanged as Wonder Womyn demands to be released. The Phony relishes in his dominant position and when he is satisfied with his photos, he leaves the room.


Our good girl goddess is able to slip her restraints, and sets out to apprehend the film developing demon when he enters the room and the battle is on!!! A crushing bear hug momentarily slows Wonder Womyn down, but she fights back to gain the upper hand. Vicious choke holds, scissors, camel clutches, and strikes fill the room. But the Phony employs the use of his nightstick to almost k.o. our sexy super heroine. Wonder Womyn is tossed on the couch and the Phony lands big belly blows, but Wonder Womyn's steel like abs take the punishment and she reverses the situation as she inflicts damage of her own. When the opportunity provides, Wonder Womyn gladly uses the nightstick on it's demented owner.


A hard fought battle continues with full nelsons, various choke holds, scissors, forearm smashes, and sleepers. back and forth the battle rages, until finally Wonder Womyn falls victim to a sleeper hold. The maniacal Pulitzer prize wanna be quickly wields his camera and begins taking pictures of the k.o.ed beauty. But Wonder Womyn gets right back into the thick of things with a brutal low blow. On rages the conflict, quite evenly contested until the Phony one again uses his night stick to choke our distressed damsel. But Wonder Womyn isn't about to raise the white flag, and she valiantly tries to hold up against a barrage of blows and holds. The Phony finds himself at the mercy of his own devices as Wonder Womyn gains control of the nightstick, only to fall victim of the dreaded magic cloth. And once again, the sicko snatches his camera. But this time Wonder Womyn doesn't quite break out as she did before as she withstands and yet more punishment.


Typical of her overwhelming desire to win, Wonder Womyn rages back and soon the Phony is sorry he ever crawled out from under his rock! Wonder Womyn delivers a well deserved beating to the wretched monster and after rendering him unconscious, she calls 911 to summon the police so that they may come and collect the neutralized beast. But in a tragic moment of darkness, the Phony Photographer clamps the misplaced magic cloth over Wonder Womyns mouth, and she fades to darkness, thus facing only the beginning of her captures extended and demented photo session.




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