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hhhhHP-808 Wonder Womyn in The School of Hard Knocks




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TITLE: The School of Hard Knocks Part 1 COST: 8 TOKENS ~7 3/4 MINUTES

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Description of HP-808:

A pretty young blond woman, dressed in a black bra and skirt is sitting waiting impatiently for Wonder Womyn to arrive.  Hollywood enters, looking as sexy as ever in her full WW outfit, and apologizes for being late due to fighting crime.  The two women briefly introduce themselves and WW explains that she is there to teach The newcomer some moves.  They start with the sleeper hold and the young apprentice seems to know exactly where to sit...  The unsuspecting superhero continues to "train" her new student in the camel clutch, rocking horse, surfboard, belly punching, figure four choke, figure four leg lock, full nelson, leg scissors, and a few more wrestling holds.  The trainee demonstrates that she is a quick learner and impresses Wonder Womyn with her skill during her turns in applying the new moves to WW.  The sly and cunning young lady soon asks about the mighty hero's magic belt.  The overly trusting superhero explains how her belt works and takes it off at her request  to "see it."  The young villain takes the belt from WW and immediately attacks with a sleeper hold!  Does our helpful and trusting heroine get away or does this newbie "bad girl" rule the day?




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