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HP-360 Wonder Womyn vs The Bikini Bandit

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Description of Wonder Womyn vs The Bikini Bandit:

Wonder Womyn happens upon a new deadly foe know as The Bikini Bandit. Our lovely superheroine quietly surprises the evil temptress after she ravages through a wardrobe of some rather sexy bikini outfits (now who would those belong to!). The battle is immediately on and these two vixens go at it bigtime. Wonder Womyn puts it to her latest adversary, who by the way dons a revealing bikini that one would not expect to see on a villain, but you know how twisted the dark sided mind of a hencewoman can be! Slams, punches, kicks, chokes, and the rest of these babes arsenals come out as tempers flare and the battle of Good vs Evil perpetuates.

At one point it appears that Wonder Womyn may have things under control in short order, but The Bikni Bandit strips her of her magic powers and, in a devilishly diabolical move, puts them on herself in order to destroy our gorgeous superheroine by the use of her own superpowers! (And yes this includes Wonder Womyn's boots, as she is stripped down to bare nylons.)

Which one of these curvaceous and beautiful behemoths finally takes control and disposes of their frivolous foe? Get this exciting video and see for yourself!!!   



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