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HP-483 Wonder Womyn vs The Commando 3

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Description of HP-483 "Wonder Womyn Versus The Commando 3"

The video starts with Wonder Womyn tied to the railroad tracks as a train bears down on her. She struggles mightily as the train gets closer. Finally she gets free as the train rushes past the spot where moments before she laid helplessly. She sneaks into the house where the Commando (Darrius) is trying to communicate with his boss, informing him of the death of Wonder Womyn on the tracks. Wonder Womyn viciously attacks the unsuspecting Commando and beats him mercilessly. She uses stomach punches, body kicks, arm stomps, leg scissors, neck chokes, she even places him in a camel clutch and her favorite "sitting bull" hold. After throwing him against the wall, punching him in the stomach, she uses a right, left combination to send him to the floor. Thinking he is finished, Wonder Womyn attempts to contact "The Boss". But the wily Commando is not done. He grabs a night stick and clobbers the unsuspecting super heroine several times, sending her reeling. Now the Commando has the upper hand using body punches and even a kick to the gorgeous Wonder Womyn's crotch. After a right cross to the jaw sends Wonder Womyn into unconsciousness, the Commando removes Wonder Womyn's belt and magic lasso. Now he can really begin his torture of our girl. The helpless super heroine's gorgeous body is continuously punched, placed in leg scissors, back breakers, he even lifts her up over his shoulder and throws her around the room like a rag doll. After another punch KO's Wonder Womyn, the Commando wakes her up by stomping on her wrist. After a bear hug and a sleeper hold once again sends her into dreamland, the Commando removes her bracelets and boots. Stripped of all of her super heroine accessories, does the helpless Wonder Womyn even have a chance? Of course she never gives up!! In this video Hollywood gives a beating to Darrius using her vast knowledge of wrestling holds and receives a beating from this very strong Commando. But believe me, the opening scene with our gorgeous super heroine tied to the tracks is well done. The train sounds are so realistic, you actually believe she is in danger!! This alone is worth the price of the video.

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