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HP-224 Wonder Womyn vs Pantera II


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Description of Wonder Womyn vs Pantera II:

This exciting sequel picks up where the original left off. The unthinkable had occurred! The mighty Wonder Womyn failed in her attempt to retrieve the disk and was left beaten and bound. The action resumes as we hear Pantera speaking on the telephone in the background. He informs his boss that not only has he obtained the disk, but also defeated the mighty Wonder Womyn in the process. For a hefty extra payment, he can put her out of commission for good.

Our heroine has faced many challenges before, but never the likes of Pantera who combines combat skills with cunning and ruthlessness. This is her greatest challenge ever! The first thing Wonder Womyn must do is get her belt back, for it is the source of her super powers.

She sees it on the other side of the room and makes a
monumental effort to get to it before Pantera gets off the phone and returns to the room. She manages to get to the belt only to discover that it has been booby-trapped. Thousands of volts of electricity zap her already battered body rendering her dazed and helpless. It is at this point that Pantera returns to the room and proceeds to beat up Wonder Womyn worse than she has ever been beaten before. No one else has ever come close to beating her this badly. After he mercifully knocks her out, he proceeds to tie her up to a wine rack. When she recovers, he pounds her some more until she passes out again. Pantera is on the telephone once again when our battered heroine begins to stir.

She sees her belt, and after checking this time for booby traps, she puts it on. Oddly enough, she doesn't feel the surge of
power she expected, but figures that it might have to do with the fact that she had never taken such a beating before. It is now her turn to confront the Evil Pantera and put him away once and for all. But wait a second...her punches are having no effect on him! And when he punches her, it hurts! How could this be happening? It seems as if our over confident heroine has underestimated her foe yet again, for Pantera is the master of the mind and knows that to defeat
Wonder Womyn physically, he has to break her down mentally first. Needless to say, the belt she put on was a decoy, and totally worthless. The door is once again wide open for him to pound our deflated heroine into utter oblivion. Wonder Womyn is fighting for her life against the most powerful foe she has ever faced. Will he succeed in taking her out for good, or will she somehow muster enough power to save her life?
This episode of Wonder Womyn is destined to become the instruction manual for all future episodes. It is that good! Pantera & Hollywood work superbly together and take each other to new performing heights. See him perform a multitude of pro wrestling moves on Wonder Womyn including a suplex, piledriver, choke slam and
the dreaded DDT. You have got to see this one!


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