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HP-660 Princess Leia vs Mysteria & Michelle




TITLE: Princess Leia vs Mysteria & Michelle Complete Video COST: $11 ~ 11 MINUTES





Description of HP-660:

This is another installment of The Princess Leia beat downs!
The Sheik has yet again hired some very bad girls ( Mysteria and Michelle Collier) to do his dirty work and destroy our superheroine (played by Hollywood. Michelle starts by dragging in the lovely Princess Leia by her neck chain collar and throws her down to the mat. She tells The Princess who she and Mysteria were hired by. What follows is a total beat down by these 2 hot villains! Relentless punches to the face and stomach and kicks to Princess Leia's abs keeps this Princess down for the count! Poor Princess Leia is shown no mercy as the bad girls work over her sexy body with repeated kicks, punches, & stomps. In between gasping for air, the Princess in peril is dragged around the room by her collar and constantly punished. If you love total beatdowns of your favorite SuperHeroine, this clip is for you !!!


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