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HP-725 Slave Wonder Womyn: Evil Wonder Womyn Punished!




TITLE: Evil Wonder Womyn Punished! Complete Video COST: $22 ~ 22 MINUTES




Description of HP-725:

It has been several months since Wonder Womyn was turned to evil by the Hard Master.  She has been sent on several missions which have been met with mixed success.  Due to her continued failures, she has been summoned by the Sheik who is less than pleased with her performance.  Evil Wonder Womyn enters the Sheik's room and calls for her master.  His voice booms from off camera as he berates Evil Wonder Womyn for her failures.  The Sheik enters the scene and continues to verbally abuse Evil Wonder Womyn before commanding her to transform and get on her knees.  Evil Wonder Womyn transforms into her HOT animal print slave bikini and kneels obediently waiting for the Sheik to return.  The Sheik returns minus his robes and give Evil Wonder Womyn a beat down while continuing the verbal abuse.  Evil Wonder Womyn is subjected to backbreakers, surf boards, Boston Crabs, and much much more.  She then endures bondage and tickling at the hands of the Sheik.  Only after she swears she will not fail him again does the Sheik release Evil Wonder Womyn from her bonds.  The video ends with the Sheik giving Evil Wonder Womyn a dire warning about what repeated failures will bring...


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