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HP-381 The Clowning of Wonder Womyn

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Video is approx. 8 1/2 minutes long , 44 MB, and is 15 tokens.

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Description of The Clowning of Wonder Womyn:

Wonder Womyn enters the ring with every intention to exact her revenge on the Evil Clowns that made a fool of her in the previous “charity” match.  The match starts simple enough, even more official than last time, with an official Ring Master introducing both Wonder Womyn and the Evil Clowns.  Wonder Womyn proceeds to wail away at both Clowns at the same time, showing absolutely no mercy. The Clowns finally play a sneaky prank on Wonder Womyn and before our heroine can do anything, they quickly put her in a camel clutch and a place cream pie in front of her face.  The Ring Master now tells the clowns to push Wonder Womyn’s face into the pie.    It appears Wonder Womyn has been set up yet again!!!  Our heroine gets up, face covered in pie only to get blasted in the chest by more pies.  All filled with a tainted potion.  Out she goes and the Clowns remove her belt. 


Wonder Womyn awakens with a red nose on.  She turns to attack the Clowns, but they pull the “throw a bucket of confetti, throw a bucket of water” routine on her.  Then the Clowns agree to shake hands and make up with our heroine.  Our unsuspecting Amazon falls for another deadly trap: the old electric buzzer handshake gag.  The Clowns shake Wonder Womyn’s hands sending 10,000 volts into her wet body.  She can only stand there helpless, shaking uncontrollably.  The Clowns finally put a fried Wonder Womyn out of her misery, put the water bucket over her head and knock her out, only to set her up for their next joke


Wonder Womyn awakens in more clown gear, but before she can remove any of it, the Clowns begin a series of games to toy with her.  First, they lasso her up and play a game of Wonder Womyn Yo-Yo, twirling her around over and over, making her dizzy beyond belief.  The Clowns then throw her on the ground face first, still tied up in her lasso and play Do Si Do, stepping on her bottom each time round.  Then out of nowhere, the Clowns pull out wrapping paper and turn Wonder Womyn into a giant human present!!  Wonder Womyn tries to protest, but the Clowns immediately gag her and put a clown mask on her face.  Finally the Clowns un-wrap our heroine, but mistake her outfit for wrapping paper and try to pull it off, giving her a massive wedgie around the ring.


Wonder Womyn momentarily escapes her havoc only to have the Clowns throw a huge trapeze net over her and play a game of three ring circus.  When they realize their mistake, they cover her in Silly String.  The zaniness is finally setting in, Wonder Womyn starts to feel like a clown.  Overjoyed, the Clowns can’t help themselves and back our disarrayed Amazon into a corner, tying her against the ring post with her OWN lasso.  They then dump a bucket of confetti on her head and leave the bucket on her head.  The Clowns break out into bedlam, dancing and making noise all around the ring, while Wonder Womyn remains helpless in the corner.  The Clowns finally have one last gag for Wonder Womyn: the “bouquet of flowers filled with sleeping gas” trick.  The clowns go to thank our princess with flowers and welcome her to their gang and then shove the gas infected flowers into Wonder Womyn’s face putting her out yet AGAIN.


Wonder Womyn awakens, facing the corner, in a chair, in full clown gear.   Clown make up, red nose, suspenders, girls pigtails, white gloves, knee high red and white stockings and clown shoes, Wonder Womyn appears to be a clown??  Wonder Woman pantyhose are on top of her head and her outfit is around her neck.  There is even a sign around her neck that reads “Wonder Clown”.  What has happened to our pitiable Princess?  The clowns dance Wonder Womyn (or should we say Wonder Clown?) around the ring, pulling on her suspenders, grabbing her pigtails and shaking her head.  The Clowns have one more trick for Wonder Womyn: “the sucker for a sucker” gag.  They give her a lollipop, laced with, you guessed it.....  Wonder Womyn goes out one last time.  The Ring Master yells out that a BIG SHOW is about to start.  What’s in store for Wonder Womyn, can she get out of this comedic caper or will she forever become the Evil Clowns superheroine sidekick?



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