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hhhhHP-756 Wonder Womyn vs Spectre



TITLE: Wonder Womyn vs Spectre Complete Video COST: $14 ~ 14 MINUTES




Description of HP-756:

Wonder Womyn has just checked into her hotel room after a long trip.  She is looking forward to some well needed rest before she meets with the local police department.  However, little does she know that her nightmare is just beginning…  After taking a drink from the bottled water in her room, she soon falls unconscious.  Soon after she falls asleep, the Spectre enters and removes her boots.  Wonder Womyn awakens and finds her hands bound!  Her belt, lasso, and boots are missing.  The Spectre then begins to assault Wonder Womyn’s mid-section with brutal punches to Wonder Womyn's abs!  Not satisfied that he is doing enough damage, he removes Wonder Womyn’s corset to reveal her gorgeous body.  He continues to assault Wonder Womyn until she becomes unconscious.  The Spectre eventually moves Wonder Womyn to the bedroom of her hotel where he continues the assault on our poor heroine.  Wonder Womyn is eventually left unconscious with her tights ripped off, but only after the Spectre takes time to admire her feet… Does Wonder Womyn revive and get revenge on Spectre or is she tormented over and over? Get this download and find out!


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