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HP-502 Dark Angel in "The Lost Papers"

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Description of HP-502 Dark Angel in "The Lost Papers":


As the title indicates, Dark Angel is attempting to recover some stolen papers. Dark Angel is played by Hollywood, dressed in her black Iron Cross bikini top and arm warmers, black hot pants and black boots, looking as hot as her tiny hot pants!!! She enters the thief's hotel room and begins searching for the papers. The clever girl quickly locates them even though they are hidden having been taped under an end table. She sticks them in her hot pants, but before she can make her escape, the goon grabs her and the fight is on. At first the fight is pretty even, they trade body punches and throw each other around. However, eventually the villain traps our heroine in a deadly sleeper hold. Despite Dark Angel's best efforts, including a couple of elbow jabs, she passes out. The crook forgets to take away the papers so when Dark Angel wakes up, they are right by her head. However, when she reaches for them, the thief notices his mistake and rushes in and steps on Dark Angel's hand causing the gorgeous girl much pain. He then places his legs around her perfect waist and crushes her with a vicious leg scissors. At this point our hapless heroine is totally at the crook's mercy. After torturing Dark Angel, he puts her in another sleeper hold and knocks her out. However, the determined Dark Angel is not finished and wakes up once again. She quickly locates the papers and attempts to leave. This time, even though the goon gets the jump on the beautiful Dark Angel, it is her turn to deliver the beat down. She dominates the bad guy with body punches and rights and lefts to the head. But will the cocky heroine know when to quit and get away while she can? Or will she press her luck and out stay her welcome? Nobody looks better than Hollywood in her "Dark Angel" outfit. The black shorts and bikini top really show off her terrific shape!!!

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