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HP-480 Black Avenger vs Puma

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Description of Black Avenger vs Puma:

Puma is pacing back and forth wondering who this "Black Avenger" is and how dare she make the great Puma wait. Finally the "Black Avenger" arrives. It is Hollywood wearing a black mask hiding her identity from Puma. She looks super hot in her "Iron Cross" black bikini top, arm warmers and black wrestling boots, waving a night stick. Puma demands to know her identity but Hollywood refuses to say who she is, but does agree to put the night stick down. She is all set to destroy Puma thereby avenging all the girls who have lost to him before. She starts out very strongly with a test of strength. Then she proceeds to place the mighty Puma in a series of holds. First she throws him against the wall , then against the front door. She kicks him, punches him, stomps on his stomach. She places him in a camel clutch and in a Boston crab. At one point Puma knocks her mask off and immediately recognizes the gorgeous Hollywood but that doesn't slow her down as she continues to torture him with leg scissors and a figure four. All the time asking him to submit but the tough Puma refuses. You really have to see this video to believe how terrific Hollywood looks torturing the much larger Puma. Finally, she makes a mistake by placing Puma in a face to face bear hug. Puma is able to head butt Hollywood sending her reeling to the floor. As she struggles to her feet, he grabs her arm and twists it behind her back. She manages to reverse the hold, but it is her last gasp. Puma takes over, punishing Hollywood severely. He picks her up and drops her on her back across his knee. Puma stretches Hollywood's perfect body in ways God never intended. From a back breaker, choke holds and just the way he can throw her around like a rag doll. Her tight abs never looked better. Finally he throws her down on the sofa and chokes her into oblivion. She looks simply awesome laid out on her back on the sofa. However, she is not done. When Puma leaves the room to get a rope, she is able to revive herself, grab the night stick and hide by the door, awaiting his return. Although Puma is very tough and street wise, will he be able to withstand a surprise attack from the gorgeous "Black Avenger"? I can tell you this, he still has a few tricks up his sleeves. And of course nobody can give or take a beating as well as Hollywood. And she never looked hotter than in her "Iron Cross" bikini and shorts!!! A video for the ages.

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