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HP-642 Wonder Womyn in "Where's My Daddy?"



TITLE: Wonder Womyn in "Where's My Daddy?" Complete Video COST: $11 ~ 11 MINUTES




Description of HP-642:

This video starts with Wonder Womyn coming home from a hard days work resting on the couch. When in walks newcomer (Diana) she wants to know what jail Wonder Womyn put her daddy in... The superheroine is not able to give out that information so Diana challenges her to a match. Wonder Womyn accepts the challenge but decides to take off her power belt to make it an even match. Wonder Womyn has the upper hand, WW puts the villain in all kinds of holds and moves, but just when Wonder Womyn thinks she has finished Diana, Diana comes back with a hard object and hits wonder woman over the head knocking her out. The sexy villain attempts to tie Wonder Womyn up with her magic lasso. Does the villain succeed or will Wonder Womyn wake up in time to avoid defeat?!


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