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HP-349 Wonder Womyn vs Africa

Episode I

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Description of Wonder Womyn vs Africa Episode I:

In complying with the commissioner's request, Wonder Womyn finds herself with an exotic and powerfully built woman named Africa. This newly found foe proclaims she is the most powerful being on the planet, which unfortunately, is also Wonder Womyn's claim to fame. As Wonder Womyn initiates an attack, she soon finds herself being beat about by the powerful evil vixen.
Wonder Womyn senses something is wrong as the battle continues and she finds herself at the mercy of a dastardly foe. Africa grabs one of Wonder Womyn's slender arms and tells her that she could easily break it, and with this she delivers a hard blow to Wonder Womyn and repeatedly tells her she is pathetic. Now Africa begins to demonstrate the extent of her awesome power. Wonder Womyn is tossed about like a rag doll and the devastation continues as Africa bends, twists, and beats our gorgeous super heroine. Africa is out to prove without a doubt that she is superior in strength to our fave wonder gal.
Wonder Womyn is helpless in defending herself as Africa uses her great strength to inflict damage to Wonder Womyn's perfectly shaped legs. Africa carries Wonder Womyn over her shoulder and slams her viciously to the floor. Then, with a merciless demeanor, Africa continues to twist Wonder Womyn's arms to the brink of snapping!
Africa delights as she slams her fists into the pretty face of her victim, knocking her out cold. Wonder Womyn comes to and reports to the commissioner, claiming she was merely caught off guard. Armed with the new location of Africa, Wonder Womyn embarks on her new mission. As Wonder Womyn arrives on the scene, she threatens Africa, who is right in the middle of enjoying her cup of coffee. What follows clearly indicates that one may not want to deprive Africa of her caffeine fix! But our glamorous gal of good is able to mount her own counter-offensive. It begins to appear that the powerful Africa may indeed be a penetrable fortress. Wonder Womyn snares her foe in some excellent holds and as the battle progresses, it becomes a technical vs power face-off.
But neither of theses super babes can maintain an advantage. However, Africa proves she is more than just brawn, she is brains also as she removes Wonder Womyn's belt and begins to decimate her as a mere mortal. Wonder Womyn reels as she is slapped silly, stomped, and choked. True to form, as all evil villains must do, Africa resorts to cheating and slaps a magic cloth over Wonder Womyn's mouth. A dead silence fills the room as Wonder Womyn lies motionless. Africa now strips Wonder Womyn of her boots, and leaves her lifeless body sprawled on the floor.
When Africa returns, she awakens Wonder Womyn to continue the beat down. Wonder Womyn once again finds herself reeling in pain and begging for mercy. Africa's power is evident as she bats Wonder Womyn about the room like a gnat. Africa works on Wonder Womyn's legs, threatening to break them. All along, Africa reminds Wonder Womyn of her great power. After a vicious beating, Wonder Womyn falls unconscious again, only to the disappointment of Africa. After a brief interlude, Africa returns to awaken our poor lass. While she punishes poor Wonder Womyn, she reveals her goal is to eliminate Wonder Womyn permanently. Wonder Womyn finds herself gasping for air as she is squeezed between Africa's powerful thighs. As the pain is perpetuated, Africa stretches Wonder Womyn's curvaceous body to the point of snapping in two. Once again, the beating is too much and Wonder Womyn goes silent.
Africa draws up a syringe with a venom strong enough to kill a python, and she returns to awaken our battered super gal. Africa pounds away at Wonder Womyn's face with a maniacal vengeance, causing Wonder Womyn's ruby red blood to flow. Things continue to darken as Wonder Womyn's limp body is stomped wildly. Wonder Womyn shows no response to the blows and lies motionless. Africa basks in her glory and injects the deadly venom into Wonder Womyn's yielding body. Gloom fills the room as Africa scoffs at her fallen victim, repeating that she thought her mercenary contract was more easily fulfilled than she thought it would be. As Africa leaves the room, she calls the commissioner, her wicked voice recanting the death of her most recent victim. Is Wonder Womyn playing possum? Or is the more than obvious power of Africa too much even for our gorgeous gal of the good-guys side? Get this awesome video then try to decide for yourself!!! 



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