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HP-367 Wonder Womyn vs The Xterminator

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Description of Wonder Womyn vs The Xterminator:


An evil henchman receives a packet containing intel regarding the champion of Good, our fav superheroine Wonder Womyn. He is contracted to obtain DNA verification of Wonder Womyn's real identity and is provided with pictures of her as a mere civilian and as Wonder Womyn herself. The twisted, but semi-intelligent henchman realizes it would be easier to abduct Wonder Womyn if she is without her super powers (if he was intelligent, he wouldn't mess with Wonder Womyn at all!!!). Wisely, he disguises himself as The Xterminator and goes to lay ambush at the home of the sexy siren Hollywood.
Hollywood arrives at her home to find some guy working at her house and questions as to his purpose. The Xterminator provides Hollywood with a bogus work order and as she is about to uncover the real identity of her contractor, he sends her to dreamland with a chemically enhanced kerchief. The Xterminator tosses Hollywood over his shoulder, and while he contacts his evil employer, Hollywood transforms into Wonder Womyn, only to be k.o.ed by the Xterminator's bogus trade tools.
Wonder Womyn is now transported to a lair and restrained. As she slowly comes to, the Xterminator clamps the magic cloth over her mouth and moves her to the floor. Another phone call is made regarding Wonder Womyn's ultimate destiny. But Wonder Womyn comes to and frees herself. Now the Xterminator is faced with the real deal and the battle is on!!! Back and forth go the two adversaries with punches, kicks, joint locks, and chokes.
Wonder Womyn appears to get the upperhand, but then a devastating bearhug renders her reeling in pain. The Xterminator attempts to use his magic cloth, but his effort is thwarted as the ever vivacious Wonder Womyn rages back. Blows are exchanged as the fight goes on, but the Xterminator traps Wonder Womyn's curvaceous body in a tight bearhug after he punishes her with a head butt. Wonder Womyn doesn't give up easily and bludgeons the evil doer with her fists and feet, but a lucky shot sends our gorgeous superheroine down to the floor much like the Titanic. Now the Xterminator uses his twisted brain, and he removes Wonder Womyn's belt, lasso, and the rest of her magical powers. He also packs up her shiny red boot as it is clearly his intention to keep them!
Over an hour goes by as Wonder Womyn remains unconscious. The Xterminator becomes impatient and awakens our beautiful heroine. He now continues his beatdown. Wonder Womyn now finds herself begging for mercy as the Xterminator punishes her in an over the shoulder backbreaker. He continues to punish our poor lass with punches, full nelsons. and scissors. A tight sleeper is followed by a vicious arm bar as Wonder Womyn strains to escape and retrieve the source of her magical powers.
Her efforts are in vain as the Xterminator's offensive is relentless. Wonder Womyn whimpers as an over the knee backbreaker weakens her. More crushing bearhugs are in order as Wonder Womyn again finds herself sprawled out on the floor. Wonder Womyn is able to recover her belt momentarily, but the Xterminator has too many tools in the bag as he once again chemically stuns her. Wonder Womyn grovels as the demented hitman brutalizes her as he grins without remorse. Wonder Womyn again ends up in restraints, and when she refuses to go willingly with the Xterminator, he pistol whips her, then throws her over his shoulder to carry her away.
In a moment of pure evil, the Xterminator carries Wonder Womyn to a nearby pool and he plunges her face underwater. Wonder Womyn fights to breathe as the crazed and evil sicko repeatedly submerges the superheroine's beautiful face into the depths of the pool. Finally, an unresponsive Wonder Womyn collapses to the ground and lies motionless. The Xterminator now wraps up our damsel in distress with a large tarp and he throws her over his shoulder and carries her to his awaiting vehicle. What is Wonder Womyn's destiny? Did the Xterminator finish her off in the pool? Or does she have the underwater stamina of a U.S. Navy S.E.A.L. ? Only time will tell, so don't miss this amazing video!!!


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