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HP-597 Amazon Queens in "Destruction of The Little Men"




TITLE: Destruction of The Little Men Complete Video COST: $10 ~ 9 MINUTES




Description of HP-597:

The Giantess- Goldie and Hollywood " The Amazon Queens have stumbled upon some little men who they are about to crush with their bare feet, hands their breast , butts and their legs. Hollywood starts out leg scissoring the first little man, followed by Goldie doing the same, then they start with the breast Smothers, these little men are helpless . Hollywood says she can hear his bones crushing. Goldie then starts squeezing their bodies with her toes... Hollywood accidentally breaks one of the little man's legs. She grabs another little man and starts squeezing him with her toes. Goldie starts crushing one of her men with her bare feet. Then they both go for face sits, suddenly Hollywood reverse face it's her little guy. They both count their little dudes out !! If you love beautiful women in bikinis crushing little men between their feet, breast and butts then this video is for you!!!!


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