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HP-678 Wonder Womyn in "Slumberland"




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TITLE: Wonder Womyn in "Slumberland" Complete COST: 15 TOKENS 14:40 Minutes

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Description of HP-678:

Our feisty Heroine Wonder Womyn (Hollywood in a slightly more revealing WW outfit), has been sent to find some stolen micro tapes.  She cautiously enters the enemy's lair and after searching for a short time, finds a micro tape. Instead of getting out when she can, or should, she keeps searching. when she tries to leave, the enemy agent turns on the sleepy gas and our shapely Heroine falls unconscious across a bed. The enemy agent recovers the micro tape, places it out of Wonder Womyn's reach, and leaves to get some rope. When Wonder Womyn awakes, she quickly finds the micro tape and grabs it. But before she can leave, the enemy agent returns and sends Wonder Womyn back into la la land with a magic rag. Once again he removes the micro tape, places it out of reach, and continues to look for the rope. Wonder Womyn, still full of spunk, but now much the worse for the wear, revives and desperately heads for the micro tape. This time she struggles to crawl over to the micro tape. However, the enemy agent returns with the rope just in time to turn the gas back on. He slowly takes off WW boots and starts to tie her up. The gorgeous Heroine is sprawled across the floor. Is this the final time she goes down? Will the enemy agent be able to tie our sleeping beauty up before she can awaken and defend herself? Nobody looks hotter struggling against the odds than Hollywood.



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