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HP-677 Slaver Girls vs Wonder Womyn




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TITLE: Slaver Girls vs Wonder Womyn Complete COST: 15 TOKENS

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Description of HP-677:

Wonder Womyn gets a call from the commissioner and is told about girls that show up for wrestling lessons...who vanish! 
Wonder Womyn goes to check it out! She arrives in her bikini...incognito At first, the 2 girls she meets seem to be helpful, Played by ( Sindy and Goldie Loxx ) Teaching her wrestling techniques & moves.  They seem to be friendly & caring but suddenly their mood changes. The 2 girls get rough with her. Then they get hurtful, like they are trying to rip her a part. Wonder Womyn asks to take a break.  The 2 girls are laughing, sure go take a break. Goldie Loxx and Sindy talk about how they will soon have another cute slave girl to sell.
NEXT---OUT POPS WONDER WOMYN!. The 2 bad girls are shocked. WW lets them know, she knows whats going on, and that they are under arrest. The 2 girls act like they will give up. That's only so they can get closer to WW. They pull off her Power belt, Then they start to give her a beat down...after a few minutes. WW gets the upper hand & starts to beat down the 2 girls. Then Sindy wraps WW lasso around her waist, while the other distracts her. Now she tells WW she must obey & let them beat her up. WW has no choice & lets the girls knock her around. Soon...WW is on the ground...dead tired. Sindy grabs a chloro rag & finishes her off.  They then blindfold her eyes and tie her wrists & ankles together. One of the girls calls their slaver partners and tells them to come pick up the SuperHeroine... But does WW wake up and put a beatdown on the 2 girls or ??? Get this Hot Clip and find out!!!



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