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HP-283 Wonder Womyn vs The Sleeper II


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Description of Wonder Womyn vs The Sleeper II:

The Sleeper has been released from jail with the help of The Angel of Death. She receives a call from The Angel instructing her to kidnap Wonder Womyn. The Sleeper has been provided implements to use on Wonder Womyn and has been informed by The Angel that she will be videotaped as she dominates Wonder Womyn so that they may assess her weaknesses to better understand her superpowers.
A diversion draws Wonder Womyn into a trap and she is stunned by a black jack to the head as The Sleeper gains the upper hand and wildly beats our gorgeous do-good-er until she is virtually senseless. The Sleeper punches and slams Wonder Womyn about at will and repeatedly sends her reeling. Kicks, punches, and knees to Wonder Womyn's taunt abs are repeatedly delivered as the Sleeper's crazed look reveals she is out for more than just a quick vengeance. The wicked Sleeper continues to work over Wonder Womyn even though she appears to make no effort to fight back.
Finally, Wonder Womyn begins to rally and launches an assault of her own as she gets in a few good punches. The colorfully clad beauty begins to work over The Sleeper's belly with punches. However, Wonder Womyn appears very weak as her beating has taken it's toll. The sleeper once again gains the upper hand and starts to choke the vivacious vixen of super heroine stature. Wonder Womyn struggles to fight back, only to be trapped in a tight body scissors. The battle see-saws back and forth, but Wonder Womyn's attention is drawn to the strange man holding a camera. She pauses to demand whom he is when The Sleeper capitalizes on the gorgeous defender of All Good's momentary attention deficit. The Twisted Sleeper lives up to her name as she ultimately renders Wonder Womyn unconscious with a tight sleeper hold.
The Sleeper removes Wonder Womyn's boots, belt, and magic lasso. Wonder Womyn awakens to find her superpowers gone and the Sleeper returns to punch, slam, kick, choke, and suffocate the helpless super babe, all while the events are being documented for further evaluation by the forces of Evil. Wonder Womyn continues to gasp for air as she receives bear hugs and is smothered repeatedly by a relentless foe well equipped for smothering.
The Sleeper flaunts her domination in front of the camera lens as she ties our helpless hottie to a chair. Out come the implements of destruction and a well soaked cloth is clamped over Wonder Womyn's sensuous lips and nose. This is only the beginning as The Sleeper gains complete control with the aid of a special mask which she affixes to the goddess of good, whom has been reduced to a helpless mere mortal.
The Sleeper uses restraints on Wonder Womyn to assure that she will not escape. She continues her dominance and once again clamps the cloth over Wonder Womyn's beautiful face. Bound and out, Wonder Womyn is lifted over the shoulder of the demented dahlia as she sarcastically directs her assistant to follow her as she carries the battered super heroine to a waiting vehicle. A virtually lifeless Wonder Womyn is transported to a drop off point where the marauding mercenary wraps her up in a sheet and binds her with duct tape. Things are not looking good for Wonder Womyn! The special mask is again fitted to Wonder Womyn's exotic, yet emotionless face as she is completely unresponsive. The Sleeper places a call to her superior indicating the goods have been delivered and completely subdued. What will follow? Will The Angel of Death arrive to finish the job? Or is it already too late? What terrible Fate lies ahead for WONDER WOMYN ? 




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